Questions and answers

Can I work and study?

YES, part-time study program carried out by the University College enables students to study while working. Classes are usually held two days a week (e.g. Tuesdays and Fridays) from 17.00 to 22.00 and Saturdays from 8.00 to 17.00. In case of graduate study programs, it is possible that the classes are held more than two days a week depending on the choice of elective courses.

When are the classes held for full-time students?

Classes are held on working days, depending on the schedule, from 8.00 to 18.30, and two days a week in the mornings or from 17.00 to 22.00. Saturdays and Sundays are usually non-working days, except in the case of rescheduled classes.

Am I allowed to miss classes as a full-time or part-time student?

YES, part-time students may be absent from up to 40% of classes and 40% of exercises scheduled for a particular course and full-time students from up to 30% of classes and 20% of exercises. Students are not allowed to be absent from some segments of the courses (laboratory exercises) in such percentages.

I would like to continue my studies which I have started at another institution at the Algebra University College. Can I expect some of the exams I have passed to be recognized?

YES, all of the ones that correspond to the number of hours and content of particular courses held at the Algebra University College. Particular exams, such as Mathematics, can be recognized even if they have been completed many years ago in case the curriculum is the same. Exams related to technology are difficult to acknowledge in case they have been taken and passed many years ago. The recognition will be approved by the teacher in charge of the course in accordance with the documentation and application in question. If a course is recognized, tuition will be reduced in accordance with the Book of regulations on study. Partially recognized courses will be specified by differential learning outcomes that need to be passed.

Do I have to take a loan with deferred payment as offered? How can I reduce monthly annuities?

NO, you can repay your loan without deferment, which makes it even more favorable.

When can I be exempt from taking the entrance exam?

In case you are a student currently enrolled in a Faculty within the field of the study program carried out by the Algebra University College. Exemption from the entrance exam is separated from possible recognition of exams for courses that were passed at another institution.

Is it possible to enroll at the Algebra University College after the completion of a three-year secondary school program?

While it is still allowed by legal acts YES, but additional conditions need to be satisfied; if the school was completed in a field related to the study program of the Algebra University College and in case the candidate achieved an above-average score on the entrance examination.

Is it possible to immediately enter second or third year of the study program in case I want to transfer from a similar higher education institution?


Are industry certifications recognized at the moment of enrolment?

YES, an article of the Book of regulations on professional study stipulates the following: “The right to tuition fee reduction can be achieved by students transferring from other institutions and all other candidates who upon enrolment submit their requests for the recognition of exams passed at other institutions or request recognition and price reduction due to possession of relevant industrial certifications”. The exact amount of tuition fee reduction and the possibility to be exempt from particular learning outcomes related to certain courses is specified in detail by the “Decision on recognition of industry certifications” which is located among the documents listed within the menu “Study program”.

Where can I continue my studies after 3 years of undergraduate study program carried out by the University College?

It is possible to enroll in a specialized professional graduate study program at our University College, but also at a number of other higher education institutions. If you decide to enroll in a graduate study program at another institution, it is possible that you will have to take differential exams depending on the study program completed at our institution and the program you would be enrolling in. After the completion of the undergraduate study program at the Algebra University College, you can enroll in a graduate program at professional or university level.

Do full-time students have student rights and which?

Full-time students studying at private educational institutions in the Republic of Croatia have, in accordance with the Rules on the subsidy for covering the cost of student meals, the right to receive subsidies from the funds of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports (MSES) in the same amount as students studying at public institutions. In addition, full-time students enrolled in private institutions receive the right to: health insurance in the status of dependant family members provided for full-time students under 26 years of age outside of the budget of MSES; the right to subsidized transport by ZET; the right to student work contracts and to X-ica student card.

Do part-time students have student rights and which?

In the Republic of Croatia part-time students do not have any student rights.

Do certification exams which are included in the tuition fee represent official exams necessary for passing a particular course?

NO, according to Bologna recommendations, each course can be rated with a maximum of 100 points which can be collected by students through classes, partial exams, seminar papers, exercises and exams. Marks that can be awarded to students in a particular course are calculated based on the points achieved with a predetermined ratio between the points collected and marks received. Certification exams included in the tuition fee are taken separately after the student has passed the exam in question. The only exceptions are ECDL exams included in the number of points required in order to pass the course Computer Support for Office Operations.

Is it possible to transfer from one sub-specialization to another and do I have any expenses in this case?

YES, it is possible to transfer when enrolling in a particular semester or year. However, you will not have any expenses only in case you decide to transfer after the first semester of the study program in applied computer engineering to another sub-specialization because the first semester is identical for both programs. Transfers after the second semester are already linked to additional costs because of the difference in courses provided within a particular sub-specialization and expenses continue to increase because of the differences in study programs. Transfers between study programs will always bring large expenses due to the small number of courses that can be acknowledged. We recommend students to recheck their interests and preferences in our Career Centre before enrolment and to decide on transferring to another sub-specialization or study program as soon as possible after enrolment, in case they feel this is necessary.

How are free consultations organized, are they really free of charge or do I have any obligations?

Yearly tuition fee for studying at the Algebra University College can be compared to half of the annual average salary in the Republic of Croatia. In this sense, the University College carries out entrance exams because it is in our interest to enroll only those candidates who have a predisposition to follow our classes and successfully complete their studies. Preparations for the entrance examination are completely free of charge and are conducted during the afternoons or on Saturdays with the aim to instruct students who have not been in contact with mathematics for a long time or the ones who have received lower grades in secondary school on how to solve typical exercises. Preparations for the entrance exam have had a high attendance rate so far and were extremely sought-after. The attendance of preparation classes does not even oblige you to take the entrance exam.

Do I have to purchase books for my studies and how are the courses covered by literature?

NO, all courses are covered by adequate textbooks or manuals which are available to each student free of charge through the Algebra University College library. All books published by Algebra University College are included in the tuition fee and given to students in permanent ownership.