Undergraduate study program

Professional undergraduate study program in digital marketing at the Algebra University College is a clear response to the needs of employers (in Croatia and European Union) within the field of digital marketing and marketing in general. During the development of the study program, the main starting point for each course consisted in immediate practical applicability of knowledge and skills upon graduation in order to make the introduction to the profession and work place as short as possible.

About study program

The study program encompasses 30 courses and two compulsory practical projects conducted in cooperation with employers who provide internships for our students. This includes the project carried out as the final paper.

Classes are conducted during a period of 6 semesters or 3 years, and the study program is rated at 180 ECTS credits. Upon the completion of the study program, students acquire the title Professional bachelor of digital marketing which corresponds to the degree of Baccalaureus in accordance with Art. 74. of the Act on Scientific Activity and Higher Education. The abbreviation of the professional title is  bacc. dig. mark. (Bachleor of Digital Marketing).

Target job titles for program graduates

1. Expert in digital marketing

    • Expert in digital marketing, expert in social media and online PR
    • Expert in digital marketing, expert in digital advertising
    • Expert in digital marketing, online business manager
    • Expert in digital marketing, expert in interactive and business analysis
    • Expert in digital marketing, online project manager
    • Expert in digital marketing, expert in strategic digital marketing

2. Other experts in digital marketing

    • Web project development manager
    • Expert in digital communications

Jobs and necessary knowledge and skills that graduates will be prepared for

  • understanding the functioning of sales and marketing methods through the aspect of digital media
  • planning and conducting market research through available online tools
  • understanding the functioning of information technology in the service of digital marketing
  • managing digital projects involving the development of applications and contents on the internet platform and mobile devices
  • understanding and optimizing the functioning of user interface
  • understanding creative communication concepts through visual, verbal and nonverbal channels
  • planning and managing marketing campaigns through social networks
  • planning and managing marketing campaigns through advertising networks and search engines
  • managing commercial e-projects from the aspect of sales and technology
  • increasing the efficiency of digital projects through researching, locating and using data obtained through interactive analysis
  • knowledge of security, legal and ethical aspects of digital marketing projects
  • management and organization of teams responsible for digital marketing projects
  • knowledge of global trends in digital marketing
  • knowledge of EU and global conditions for e-business and marketing