Study program

Welcome to the study program in digital marketing

The study program in digital marketing at the Algebra University College is certainly one of the most exciting steps that we have taken over the 17 years of Algebra’s existence. And there were many steps of which each one represented a challenge and was significantly ahead of others.

We remained true to ourselves and you, our prospective students who share the same values as we do: audacity, perseverance, leadership, nonconformity and love for the new and the exciting.

Exciting digital career

Digital marketing is a combination of marketing and digital technologies. This interdisciplinary approach encompasses expert knowledge in:


  • Psychology of marketing communications
  • Consumer behavior
  • Brand management and reputation management
  • Integrated marketing

Digital communications

  • Social media and social networks
  • Marketing on search engines and advertising networks
  • Interactive systems design
  • Marketing on mobile devices
  • ….

Data science

  • Integrated business intelligence
  • Interactive analysis in digital marketing
  • Network analysis and social CRM
  • Integrated client data

Digital business

  • E-business – customer relationship management
  • E-business – integrated commercial projects
  • Digital agency organization
  • Behavioral economics

Digital projects

  • Preparation and development of internet applications
  • Development and management of multimedia content
  • Development of digital projects and development team management
  • Project management methodology

What to expect from your studies?

The study program in digital marketing is spread across three years of professional undergraduate study program and 180 ECTS credits and two years of specialized professional graduate study program and 120 ECTS credits. We would like to emphasize the word professional in the name of both study programs. This means that after successful completion of either undergraduate or graduate program you will be competent to work immediately upon graduation due to the fact that you will have specific practical knowledge and applicable skills required by employers.

Through thirty very specific and up-to-date courses of the undergraduate study program and twenty specialized and advanced courses of the graduate study program you will gain skills that are:

  1. Highly sought after and therefore valuable
  2. Difficult or impossible to attain elsewhere and in the form of formal higher education at the European Union level

By adding 1. and 2., we come to the conclusion that experts with formal degrees and certified knowledge in digital marketing should not encounter difficulties finding employment and can expect above-average earnings. Did we get you interested?

Who are the employers?

Because we live in an age dominated by digital communications, anyone who wishes to accomplish (marketing or media) visibility needs a person, a department or an agency that will enable such visibility through their expertise in digital communications. For this reason, the range of potential employers is very vast. Marketing agencies have their digital departments, there are specialized digital agencies and corporate marketing departments cannot afford a lack of digital experts. Furthermore, the opportunities for self-employment and business initiatives in the field of digital marketing are very promising.

The quality of our study program has been recognized by Croatian agencies which are very interested in employing our graduate talents and agreements have been signed regarding cooperation and internships. This way they have expressed their clear support as well as cooperation by confirming that our students are gaining the exact knowledge required by employers.

Want to learn more?

Sign up for a consultation at our Career Centre. Eliminate any questions you may have through a personal interview and make a decision of quality.