Student loans

In order to recognize the needs of students, the Algebra University College provided, in cooperation with banks, especially suitable loans for its students with favorable interest rates and a grace period of up to 4 years in order to finance:

  • Study expenses
  • Additional literature expenses
  • Hardware expenses
  • Living expenses during studies

A particular convenience of these loans is the starting point of repayment. This way, students can decide to make the first monthly annuity:

  • after graduation (after 3 years)
  • with a delay of 1 year after graduation (after 4 years)

During the period of delay, students pay only interests every three months while the repayment of the principal starts after three years. This way, we have ensured favorable conditions for loans because interest is not added to the principal after the grace period.

This way, students who finance their education through bank loans will start repaying them only after graduation and the delay period, and their monthly loan installments will not represent a heavy burden. Through its Career Centre, the University College will try to help all students, especially the ones who pay their education through bank loans, with employment in partner companies and other interested employers.

You can find out more about loan terms at bank websites.